The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste Marie Board of Directors is composed of individuals from different sectors who are dedicated to the organization’s mission. This is a great opportunity for an individual who is passionate about youth mentoring mission and who has a passion for leadership and their community.

Our Volunteer Board Member is responsible for determining policies and procedures and for monitoring organizational performance to achieve the mission of the agency.

Primary Responsibilities:
– To assume a leadership role as required
– To establish/approve policies that guide the organization in achieving its mandate
– To contribute to the process of establishing strategic direction for the agency
– To employ the Executive Director and approve her/his employment contract
– To support and participate in evaluating the Executive Director annually
– To ensure fiscal stability and financial accountability
– To attend and be prepared for Board and other meetings as required
– To actively contribute to the functioning of the Board and its sub-committees

Responsibilities of Board Member:
– Be an active and committed participant in the affairs of the organization
– Be involved at board meetings; ask questions, discuss, participate in decision-making, react to ideas, and exercise initiative
– Be actively involved on one or more Board Committees
– Know and maintain the lines of communication between the Board and staff
– Know and understand the roles and responsibilities of the Board
– Participate in recruiting new Board members
– Support and participate in fund-raising
– Know the community! Be familiar with community resources; be aware of changing community trends and clientele needs; keep informed of the organization’s programs and services
– Be informed about the background of issues in order to be able to discuss them responsibly
– Be regular and punctual at all Board meetings and functions. If unable to attend, notify the office as soon as possible. The Board needs a quorum to conduct business
– Do your homework. Read the relevant minutes and materials before the meeting
– Notify the Board Chair in advance if reporting at the next Board meeting to ensure proper item is placed on the agenda (A written report is usually required)
– Have a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure. (Robert’s Rules of Order)
– Maintain Board business confidentiality; if a problem exists, discuss it with the Chairperson