In 2013, Fraser and Nancy Neave identified mentorship as an area that interested them; a chance to socialize, explore more opportunities in the community they reside, investing in the future success of a child who sought what they could offer, and the satisfaction of supporting the growth of a Little!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie offered several mentorship programs to help these two follow their passion and give back to the kids in the community who needed support. BBBSSSM provided the couple an opportunity to become mentors for 8 year old La Shaunda in the year 2014. Nancy and Fraser were the first ‘Couple-Match’ of BBBSSSM. Through their mentorship experience with LaShaunda, they discovered fun and rewarding experiences, gained fresh perspectives through interaction and friendship and made unforgettable memories to cherish forever.

“What I like the most about them is they never cancel outings and I feel safe with them and they are great listeners too”, says Little Sister Shaunda. Shaunda is 12 years old now and she enjoys being active and learning new skills.  LaShaunda has not only gained new life experiences, had amazing adventures, expanded her support system, but also developed a friendship with Nancy and Fraser that she values, appreciates and believes will be lifelong.

Studies indicate and support the fact that children matched with a mentor are more likely to have better academic performance, avoid the use of illegal drugs and avoid violent behavior. Big Brothers Big Sisters recruits and screens passionate and caring individuals in order to assist children who need and want the support of a mentor. It means a lot to the children to know their mentor has chosen them and is committed to spending time with them; because mentoring makes a difference in a child’s lifeLittle time commitment…Big impact!